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On October 14th, we formally started the new public-private collaboration platform for cyber security!

Based upon the experience and results of the first iteration of dcypher, a thorough quartermasters report, and the first months of initial activities, we are set to begin. I would like to thank Jan Piet Barthel for supporting the transition to the new version of dcypher, and quartermasters Edwin, Hans, Michel, Berry, Liesbeth and Raymond for their important contributions in creating a good starting point for dcypher.

dcypher will start it’s three main processes: agenda-setting, programming, and strengthening the field, across the whole chain of education, research, business and government. With your help, we will bring supply, demand and funding together. The project will not be deemed a success unless we manage to achieve greater cybersecurity expertise, more knowledge and wider application, and more economic activity in the coming years!

At the launching party, we had a matchmaking session to make different people from the whole innovation chain interact with each other. I’m glad to hear about the many unexpected matches and exchanges of thoughts. In the subsequent panel discussion with three dcypher board members, we touched on important topics in the cybersecurity field that are in need of a solution. dcypher contributes to the field by facilitating and stimulating innovation with regard to new, disruptive technologies, interventions for human behavior in cybersecurity and new organization and governance models to become structurally cyber-resilient. Below, you can see a short video impression of the launching party.


Together with the cybersecurity actors in the Netherlands, dcypher tackles those problems that do not solve themselves or cannot be solved by someone else. We start small and specific, with an eye on the big picture. Here are some of the actions dcypher is now undertaking.

At the request of the directors of the central government concerned with cyber security, dcypher is creating a visualization of cybersecurity policies and financial instruments. In addition, dcypher is asked by the Topsectors to support in assessing their specific needs for cybersecurity innovation. These, and other consultations with public and private parties, platforms and organizations throughout the whole innovation chain, is providing input for the dcypher agenda-setting: what are the innovation themes the Dutch cybersecurity community should focus on in the coming years?

Based on this agenda, dcypher will continue programming by formulating new Roadmaps together with aforementioned parties, platforms and organizations. This will complement our already existing Automatic Vulnerability Research and Crypto-Communications Roadmaps. You are invited to join these Roadmaps and communities. Or, get in touch and discuss your thoughts for the third roadmap..!

To strengthen the field, dcypher will set up a number of communities to provide input in agenda-setting and support programming. Also, we are working at both the national and EU levels on better accessible funding instruments, fitting for cybersecurity innovation, from parties such as NWO, RVO, EU-DEP and ITEA.
In this context, dcypher published a beta version of a government support portal, to make financial instruments more accessible and better applicable to our field. For early next year, dcypher is organizing a tour for all parties in the whole innovation chain to innovative hot spots in the EU for matchmaking and collaboration. And finally, we are also working on summer schools and cybersecurity challenges for the coming year.

You will be hearing a lot more about these topics in the coming period, but above all, you will be experiencing them. Let’s go to action!

- Eddy Boot


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