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Dit is een kort verslag van de sessie die tijdens het ECP Jaarfestival - Team dutch digital delta Kick-Off event is georganiseerd door HCA-ICT.

During the team dutch digital delta kick-off event, the Human Capital Agenda (HCA) ICT organized a workshop on the unknown opportunities of retraining. René Montenarie, coordinator of the HCA ICT, told in his introduction that the partners of the HCA-ICT have developed a plan for upscaling successful regional initiatives involved in the training and retraining of ICT professionals. Louis Spaninks, director of CA-ICT, then presented the new labor market figures that clearly show that scaling up is desperately needed. After all, digital skills are a prerequisite in almost all professions. And due to covid-19, digital services have actually increased, which means that the demand for ICT professionals is still as high as ever. In the energy sector, too, they are still eager for good professionals to join the force. In her presentation, Marsha Wagner, Program Director Human Capital in that sector, showed how the same labor market data can provide insight into how people from certain professions can make the transition to professions with high demand in the energy sector.

But what exactly does a retraining program involve and where are the initiatives? Dominiek Veen, project advisor HCA-ICT, explained Katapult's network map showing all the regional ICT initiatives and explained that scaling up must take place on the basis of these initiatives. She then gave the floor to Renate van Oosten and Ingrid Jansen, who talked about Make IT Work, the retraining trajectory for higher educated people to a job in ICT, which is now offered in various regions. Ingrid herself is in the middle of the training and has completed her six months of study. She has just started at her new employer. Ingrid has an artistic background, though she was somewhat interested in ICT already, it is really something else. “I have just started at my employer and currently I am still shadowing others. This is difficult during covid-19, since everything is online now, but I am well guided nonetheless and hopefully I can start my own projects soon”.

Would you like to know more about the upscaling plan? On Thursday November 19th there was a session led by Lotte de Bruijn, ambassador of the HCA-ICT, in which she talked to some of the partners who worked on the upscaling plan.

This session can be viewed below:

Groeiend tekort ICT-professionals: op te lossen door investering regionale initiatieven from Platform ECP on Vimeo.

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