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This is a short report of the session 'Give digitizing SMEs your upvote' that took place during the Kick-Off event Team dutch digital delta.

During the live Talkshow the SME upvoting platform was launched by Ben Woldring. The goal of the platform is to bring government, science and business together. Companies and researchers can share initiatives on the platform. Financial instruments are displayed on the challenge page of the upvoting platform, and can be linked to initiatives. Parties can not only find each other better, since initiatives can be responded to and people can chat with other users, but this platform also shows which initiatives are widely supported, since users can like or ‘upvote’ initiatives. As a result of the platform, SMEs can find available resources for initiatives and participate actively or passively.

In the interactive session 'Give digitizing SMEs your upvote' Rinke Zonneveld discussed the role of regional development companies in the field of innovation in SMEs and answered questions together with Ben Woldring about the SME upvoting platform.

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