Out-dated software slows down digitalization and innovation, and increases costs for governments and business. That is the outcome of an explorative research by the Dutch CIO-Platform, the Dutch industry association ICT, INSEIT and NWO. The IT sector and the tax authorities are working together on a solution.

The explorative research is an initiative of Team ICT, led by René Penning de Vries, at the behest of the Ministry of Economic Affairs. Team ICT is realizing an approach to strengthen the role of ICT innovation across all sectors.

50 Million lines of code

Every day, businesses and governments are producing around 50 million lines of software code to renew services and products. Due to the increasing digitalization, these numbers are progressing fast. Legacy software, as out-dated software is often called, makes renewal complex, slow and costly. The IT infrastructure that many organizations have kept from early organizational changes also slows down digital innovation.

The explorative research shows that legacy software causes problems within the following five themes: software quality, portfolio management, chain cooperation, agile IT and the development of the IT ecosystem in The Netherlands.

Innovate faster

The purpose of the explorative research was the development of instruments for the inventorying, analysis and control of legacy software. Using these instruments should accelerate software developments, lower costs and enlarge the competiveness of Dutch business.

A number of organizations will get started with the outcomes of the explorative research. The professional body of IT auditors NOREA will develop, together with the Software Improvement Group, a Legacy Risk Letter and a Legacy Barometer. With that, companies and governmental organizations can carefully estimate the risks of their legacy software and make it comprehensible. Together with the Royal Dutch Association of Information professionals (KNVI) the tax authorities will work on the themes of agile IT and human recourses. They can also take the initiative to put legacy software on the agenda of CIOs of larger enterprises.

The approach of legacy software is supported by the ICT company Legacys, which specializes in deprecating out-dated IT systems. Legacys will also be committed to the fifth theme of the explorative research; reinforcing the Dutch IT ecosystems.

If you would like to know more or to participate, please contact one of the following people:

Chris Hazenberg - +31(0)6 3727 4879 - chris.hazenberg@legacys.nl
Ad Kroft - +31(0)6 3493 8328 - adkroft@dutchdigitaldelta.nl



Ad Kroft
Director INSEIT