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Big Data

Big Data

Everyone is online nowadays, in every aspect of their lives. This has produced an explosive increase in the amount of data that we generate: customer data, sales data, medical files, tax returns: these are just a few examples of the vast pile of digital information that we call Big Data. Big Data brings both opportunities and threats. To further develop the use of Big Data, the Commit2Data programme was created.


Aldert de Jongste



Data sets that are too large and unstructured to maintain with regular database management systems are called Big Data. These large, complex data sets impact virtually all sectors of society, such as business, government, education and healthcare. From more and more smart devices at home, in the office, in the car, or on our bodies (via sensors and wearables), gigantic amounts of data are flowing in. To be able to do anything with Big Data, complex analyses need to take place with the right tools. Organisations can thus increasingly easily predict and influence your behaviour. This offers significant benefits, but it also comes with risks, such as chances of privacy breaches or filter bubbles. Two new European laws - the Digital Markets Act (DMA) and the Digital Services Act (DSA) - will soon impose stricter data collection and retention rules on large technology companies.

Better use of opportunities

Big Data plays a major role in the innovation of services, products and work processes. Thanks to the smart collection and use of data the Dutch economy can grow. Commercial companies get more insight into the (buying) behaviour of their customers and consumers get, for instance, personalised care, education or offers. Municipalities or the police use Big Data to make policy or assess risks. Science and journalism also make frequent use of Big Data. Collecting data brings increasing challenges in terms of secure storage, sharing and analysis of data. These challenges are cross-sectoral. Making the most of Big Data opportunities and making the transition to a smarter, data-driven economy requires new expertise. Commit2Data assists organisations in this regard.


By bringing science and business together, Commit2Data aims to discover new business models and opportunities in the field of Big Data. Curious about the ten themes and projects that have already been realised?

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Smart applications for top sectors

To further develop the use of Big Data, Commit2Data was created. Commit2Data is a multi-year national research and innovation programme based on public-private partnerships. The programme collaborates cross-sectorally on Big Data issues, but sector-specific programmes have also been set up. Commit2Data aims to develop smart ICT-solutions to Big Data issues in the coming years and apply this within a growing number of (Top) sectors. From Energy and Life Sciences & Health to Safety & Security.

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