Decreasing the shortage of ICT-professionals

The turbulent growth of ICT goes hand in hand with the need for staff with the right skills and the educational sector can hardly keep up with this demand. The amounts of vacancies are increasing in businesses in, and outside of the ICT sector.

What is the Human Capital Agenda?

The Human Capital Agenda (HCA) is a plan of action to satisfy the need for a growing request of ICT-professionals. Businesses and educational institutions can do more to interest young people in these jobs. For instance with fellowships, internships and visiting professorships in the early stage of the educational process, and later on through constant training. There is even a university degree created in Big Data.

The Human Capital Agenda of Team ICT is an action plan to fulfil the need for sufficient adequately trained personnel within the next few years.

Click to download HCA ICT Infographic (English version)

The action points of the Human Capital Agenda

The action plan of the HCA aims to enhance the connection between supply and demand, and to improve life long learning. The targets are worked out in the following action points:

Stimulating awareness and interest amongst students
Labour market research for a better understanding of the market needs and demands
More knowledge centres with a special attention given to ICT
Scholarships for excellent students
Reducing the shortage of ICT teachers
More and better internships and places for graduation projects for technical college students
Investing in education with continuing learning
More attention to personal career development of ICT professionals
To view the extended version, please download the full Human Capital Agenda on the right side of this webpage.

dutch digital delta Talent Grants

Exceptional students can participate in the dutch digital delta IT Talent Grants program. In cooperation with the private sector, dutch digital delta has made a number of grants available to further stimulate the development of exceptional IT-talent. Companies, educational institutions and students can enroll in the program here.