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The Dutch digitisation strategy focuses on other work and new skills to build a good foundation for digitisation. Interest in IT-related professions can be awakened early. In order to be able to make a good choice for your further education and to be prepared for (largely unknown) professions of the future, it is very important that children and young people are digitally literate and that they receive good information about the labour market for ICT professionals.

That is why the HCA ICT will continue to actively inspire and inform secondary school students in 2019 about the opportunities that the labour market offers to ICT professionals. Essential partners in this programme are the 160 companies and 225 IT professionals who have applied since the start to make guest lecturers available for Geef IT Door.

Growing towards more professionals and schools

In 2019, the focus will shift from managing the matching process to growing the project with more professionals and more schools, allowing more high school students to receive guest lectures. We will do this by creating strategic collaborations on content and in the region.

ECP will convert IT Door into a partnership with PBT, and possibly others, in 2019. Together with PBT, we are investigating the ideal form of collaboration and how we can achieve more results together.

In addition, we are working on the visibility and network of Geef IT Door by participating in regionally relevant events (such as the Techniekdagen Gooi- en Vechtstreek in March). To this end, we can link up with the activities in action line 1.

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