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For the development of the Netherlands as a digital frontrunner, it is very important that our workforce has sufficient basic digital skills and a sufficient number of ICT professionals.

By strengthening the link between the ICT industry and professional and higher education, we want to improve the quality of education (including curriculum renewal, teacher intake, and professionalisation) and ensure that graduates' digital skills are better matched to the demand from the labour market.

A great deal of attention will be paid to cross-sector disciplines in which the application of ICT within a sector - for example care - is essential for the innovation of the sector and for increasing labour productivity.

ICT centres in vocational and higher education

We want to achieve this goal by stimulating regional cooperation between the (SME) business community and education and by increasing the number of ICT centres in vocational and higher education. This is in line with the ambition expressed in the Dutch Digitisation Strategy (H5 - p32).

We would like to take an example from the current Centres for Innovative Craftsmanship (CiV) within the MBO and the Centers of Expertise (CoE) within the HBO, which together form a learning network of public-private partnerships (PPPs) within the Katapult network. This nationwide network consists of more than 150 PPPs, of which there are currently ten PPPs in senior secondary vocational education and three in higher professional education, with a focus on ICT.

In addition, work will be done to improve the continuous learning line from secondary education to MBO and HBO in order to improve the connection of education and thus the flow of students and at the same time reduce student drop-out rates.

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