Hannover Messe

With 6500 international exhibitors, the Hannover Messe is the largest industrial technology exhibition in the world. Every year, the fair attracts around 200,000 visitors from 70 countries. The Dutch industry is well represented with 140 exhibitors. They present high-quality and innovative technological solutions in three different halls. These showcases reveal that the Netherlands is a country with solutions for societal challenges worldwide.

The driving force behind the Dutch presentation at the Hannover Messe is cooperation. Many Dutch innovations are the result of joint research of technological companies and knowledge institutes that belong to the world top. These are often complete chain solutions. We are convinced that our Dutch technological excellence, knowledge, experience, pragmatic approach and international cooperationcontribute to solving complex societal challenges that all countries face: mobility, sustainable energy, (cyber) security and climate change. Dutch input at the Hannover Messe is related to four domains: Research and Technology, Manufacturing, Smart Industries and IT solutions and the Startup mission.

For more information contact Mr. Daan Stoop (www.rvo.nl) at daan.stoop[at]rvo.nl or 0031[six]46199865