About us

The Netherlands ranks among the world’s absolute leaders in digital economies. Many households have a PC, tablet and smartphone and our mobile network is very well developed. Almost all Dutch companies work online and our internet servers are amongst the safest in the world. Our starting position is good. ICT and the internet are increasingly becoming drivers for innovative products and services and thus for economic growth.

From agriculture and healthcare to education, logistics and science: no sector can do without ICT. Each (top)sector has its own ICT challenges, but there are also many cross connections. A successful application of an ICT solution in one sector, for example, could also be applied in another sector.

The aim of dutch digital delta is to convert these cross connections into opportunities. If we maken better use of these opportunities, we will be able to benefit financially from the innovations in ICT in the future as well, thus promoting economic growth in the Netherlands. Team dutch digital delta stimulates and initiates innovations in ICT for the various (top)sectors.

ICT suitability test

Applications in the ENW PPS-Fund must be assessed as 'suitable' by the top sectors to, in the case of Team dutch digital delta, ensure that proposals are consistent with the Knowledge and Innovation agenda. 

For this purpose, applicants must fill in the form Suitability test ICT (Dutch). The completed form can be sent to: info@dutchdigitaldelta.nl.

The four D's of digitization

The 'four D's of digitisation are taken into account. René Penning de Vries: 'Digitization is first and foremost disruptive, it disrupts traditional chains and models. It's also deceptive: you don't actually see a development coming, but suddenly it's there and quite prominently so. It's delocalised: you put that mobile technology in your back pocket, you take it everywhere and connect. Finally, it's also democratised. Because anyone can use it, invent an application with it or set up a business with it'.

Cooperation, knowledge sharing, financing

Team dutch digital delta's mission is to help the business community, government and knowledge institutions to realize innovations with ICT and to strengthen the international position of the Netherlands as a country to invest in and with ICT innovation. This is done through cooperation, knowledge sharing and offering financing routes on specific themes.

Within programmes and initiatives of Team dutch digital delta we work in public-private partnerships with organisations within the Top Sectors, universities, knowledge institutes - such as TNO, NWO, CWI, NLeSc-center -, several ministries, sector organisations - such as the Nederland ICT, CIO Platform ICT, FME, VNO-NCW, ECP|Platform voor de InformatieSamenleving, private organisations and SME parties.

dutch digital delta for the entrepreneur!

The Ministry of Economic Affairs and various knowledge institutes have made €40 million available to accelerate ICT innovation in the business community. Would you like to make use of this? Then keep a close eye on this website to keep up to date with the latest information.

Dutch Digitization Strategy 2.0

The Dutch Digitization Strategy 2.0 has been published. This is the update of the digitization strategy that the Cabinet sent to the Lower House of Parliament in 2018. The renewed strategy briefly outlines the results achieved over the past year and looks ahead to the future. The document can be downloaded from the central government: Nederlandse Digitaliseringsstratgie 2.0 (Dutch)